Shenzhen Jin Zheng Jiang Da Metal & Plastic Ware Co., Ltd., located in the border of western-bay with beautiful surroundings, was incorporated in 2001. The factory buildings occupy an area of 45000 square meters with garden landscape area, office building area, modernized production workshop, activities area, dormitory and canteen etc. The industrial park surrounded with green scenic view reflects rich culture atmosphere by the company culture gallery.

The office environment is beautiful. The reception room, conference room, training room and office building, are bright and spacious layout, with the green bonsai everywhere. The open-type office building shows enterprise high-efficiency management, a pragmatic and accessible communication culture.


Care for the Elderly, Warm Heart Action

The empty-nest elderly is alone, and aloneness is in the cold that go out only a lock and come back only a lamp. The empty-nest elderly is lonely, and their world where is no communication and exchange is like sky without color, quiet and lonesome. Respect the elderly, love the elderly and help the elderly, which are our Chinese traditional virtues, which are spiritual wealth inherited from ancestors. From ancient times, there are "lying on the ice for carp", "tasting decoction by him" etc. 24 filial and affecting stories have been widely read by descendants.